Karnataka HC issues directions scrutinizing the fresh files of Contempt of Court Cases (Civil).

While reviewing new Contempt of Court Cases files, the Karnataka High Court has issued certain instructions regarding the filing of office objections (Civil).

The following are the relevant paragraphs from the Court’s order:

When it is alleged in a Contempt Petition that an officer of the State Government has violated an order of this Court in his official capacity, the State of Karnataka should be named a pro forma respondent. The Government Advocate will be allowed to contact the accused and appear on their behalf as a result of this. In accordance with this order, we direct the Registrar (Judicial) to issue a circular.

We also instruct that no office objection be submitted if the State of Karnataka is named as a party in a Contempt Petition.

We order the complainant to add the State of Karnataka as a pro forma respondent no. 2 to the complaint (not as an accused). Within three weeks of today, the updated copy must be filed. We allot eight weeks for physically carrying out the amendment. The learned Advocate General’s Office will receive an amended copy of the petition with all annexures.

As a result, officers and officials working in the Scrutiny Branch/Pending Branch of Contempt of Court Cases (Civil) at the Principal Bench, Bengaluru, Dharwad, and Kalaburagi Benches are hereby directed to strictly adhere to the above-mentioned instructions when scrutinising new Contempt of Court Cases (Civil) files.